BookCon is an event for all readers, no matter what you love to read or why you love to read it. These new Societies were born out of those differences! BookCon Societies celebrate several communities all under one roof, showing you a kinship you might've only thought possible in novels, where your people come together to discuss favorite genres and core values.

How does it work? Read through the descriptions below to get an understanding of each Society. Once you've read through them, pick the one that fits you! When you get your BookCon 2021 badge in the mail, activate it using the code under your QR code on the back. During badge activation, you'll be prompted to officially select your Society. Once you complete badge activation, you'll receive a confirmation email. Show that confirmation at one of our Info Booths on the Show Floor at BookCon to receive an exclusive enamel pin to rep your Society throughout BookCon!

On top of that, we'll send you dedicated emails regarding all the amazing guests and content happening at BookCon in relation to your Society and what you love to read! So find your Society and jump right in.


Of all people, you see things clearly. You want to bring about a change in the world and find a deeper connection to those around you. When confronted with a burning question, everyone looks to you for a solution. At your very core, your respected opinion upholds the integrity of storytellers. It is because of that you and your society are forever on the never-ending search for knowledge, even if it takes you to the end of the world and back again.

Your most important values are order and wisdom. You are a listener, a thinker, a detective, a realist. Inquiring minds want to know, what mysteries are left to uncover?

Sages love to read literary fiction & classics, biographies & memoirs, mystery, science fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

Spell BindersSpell-Binders…

Gather around and tell the tale of monsters and witches and lands unknown. You, my friend, have never feared magic and mysticism. In fact, you may even have been known to use some from time to time. You invest yourself in the all-encompassing world building elements in between your favorite parts: the epic battles. You like a little flourish, a little vibrancy and a whole lot of thrill—whether it's a spooky fright or holding your breath while you wait for the hero… or anti-hero… to win the fight.

Your most important values are creativity and imagination. You are a rebel, a trickster, a misfit, a rogue. And in a giant puff of smoke, all that’s left in your place is a little sparkle and the sound of your gentle laughter.

Spell-Binders love to read fantasy, thriller, horror, comics & graphic novels and dystopian fiction.


Always on the scenic route, you drift through the trails, gathering in places for a short time. Like Tolkien once said, “not all who wander are lost”. Maybe you have a love for the classics or enjoy some science fiction. Maybe the cover of that graphic novel keeps catching your eye before you swing by to pick up a best-selling memoir. Maybe you like to read a little bit of everything to help you hone in on your own writing style. You’re up for anything. You don’t always know exactly what’s next, but you want it to be great.

Your most important values are freedom and discovery. You are an individualist, an inventor, a creator, a free-spirit. You put on your shades, pick up your bag, and you're onto the next one.

Nomads love to read any genre as long as it's GOOD. They don't just settle for reading stories—they write them, too.


Are you ready for your adventure to begin? Of course you are! You're an explorer and the places stories can take you are endless. With a team of your family and friends, you map out your journey and fearlessly dive into a wild quest of knights and wizards, talking animals and magic dragons, golden eggs and secret wardrobes.

Your most important values are learning and having fun. You are a dreamer, an artist, a student, a teacher.  As an explorer, you always have somewhere new to go!

Explorers love to read books for early readers, picture books and middle grade.

Soul SeekersSoul-Seekers…

You’ve been doodling hearts with your crush’s initials in them since the third grade. You have a soft spot for the underdog and you might regret saying it, but you actually kind of understand where the villain is coming from. You’re here for one reason, and one reason only. Characters. Come. First. And you probably have already figured out who they should end up with, too.

Your most important values are passion and empathy. You are a lover, a healer, a socializer. If we have any questions on shipping, we know exactly where to go. You can be found secretly eavesdropping on the lover’s quarrel just around the corner.

Soul-Seekers love to read romance, fantasy, young adult and fiction.

Not sure which society to choose?

Take our below sorting quiz to find out where you belong. While this is a sorting quiz, it's merely a guide. Think of it like flipping a coin. If you land on the side you like, then great. But if you land on one side and feel strongly about the other, then you know where you truly belong. You can also take the quiz again to see if you get sorted differently!