Stupid $#!+ I Wrote When I Was Young

Stupid $#!+ I Wrote When I Was Young

May 30, 2020, 3:40 PM - 4:20 PM

Live Online:

When you're just starting out, you're going to write crap. And that's okay. Laugh and cringe during this panel as authors sift through their slush piles of bad memories to share with you some of the most inappropriate, asinine, and hilarious things they wrote when they were younger. Watch live at

Edward Savio
Edward Savio is a screenwriter and author from Connecticut who became a ten-year overnight success, selling the first of his half-dozen optioned scripts a decade after arriving in Los Angeles. He wrote his first novel, IDIOTS IN THE MACHINE, as an anti-screenplay wanting to develop deeper characters and play with language in a way that he couldn't working as a screenwriter and yet that novel was later set up with SONY to be developed as a film to the tune of $1.2 million so for this author all roads have lead back to Hollywood. Savio is best known for his Best-Selling SciFi Fantasy series—the Battle For Forever—with its first two books published in the summer of 2019. The Wil Wheaton narrated audiobook of Volume 1, ALEXANDER X—made #6 on AP's weekly rundown of the Top Ten Audio Books Sold (as NY Times reported) and landed on Amazon's top 20 Most Sold Books (Fiction). ALEXANDER X also hit #1 Humorous Fiction, #1 Fiction & Literature, #1 Time Travel Fiction, #1 Humor & Satire Literature and Fiction, #1 Science Fiction Adventures, #1 Science Fiction, #1 Science Fiction & Fantasy, #1 Time Travel Science Fiction, and #1 for all Audible Books & Originals. The Wil Wheaton narrated audiobook of Volume 2 in the BFF series ANCIENT AMONG US hit #2 for Science Fiction Adventures behind ALEXANDER X and ranked #2 for Time Travel Fiction. Hounded by fans to continue the adventure, when he's not speaking on panels, Savio can mostly be found in his San Francisco home feverishly working on Volumes 3 and 4 of this hit series with a planned 2020 release for the novel and audiobook of Volume 3.

Kat Rosenfield is a pop culture and political writer and the New York Times-bestselling co-author of Alliances: A Trick of Light (2019) written with comic book legend Stan Lee, and is also the Edgar Award–nominated author of Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone (2012) and Inland (2014). A former reporter for MTV News, her work has appeared in outlets including Wired, Vulture, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy, US Weekly, and TV Guide.

Lisa Lindo
Coming through the ranks of Skadden Arps, Paramount Pictures, Norman Lear's Act III, and the development nirvana that was Triad's TV Packaging in the 90's, Lindo founded ACME Talent & Literary with William Morris & ICM agents. Acme flourished and continued to grow the 10 years she was CEO and became the focus of "Fight For Fame" - a series on E! - where 5 actors competed to be an Acme client. Acme's film literary department set up "Elf", "Save The Last Dance", "Aftershock", Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" (with Nicolas Cage) and numerous other six/seven figure deals as featured on The Black List. Today Lisa Lindo is the Vice President of MIFF (Milan Int'l Film Fest), theatrically distributes indie features domestically & manages select literary clients. Most recently, the first two audiobooks produced by her Rocket Surgeon Productions became #1 Best-Sellers on Audible.

Michaelbrent Collings:
One of the most versatile writers around, Michaelbrent Collings is an internationally bestselling novelist, produced screenwriter, and multiple Bram Stoker Award finalist. While he is best known for horror (and is one of the most successful indie horror authors in the United States), he has also written bestselling thriller, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, humor, young adult, and middle grade works, and Western Romance. As a novelist, Michaelbrent has written dozens of bestsellers that have also received critical acclaim, and he and his work have been featured on everything from mom-and-pop podcasts to Publishers Weekly, The San Francisco Book Review, and NPR. As a screenwriter, Michaelbrent is a member of the Writers Guild of America, and has had two of his features produced, starring well-known Hollywood stars. He has optioned many others, as well as being finalist, semi-finalist, and quarter-finalist in numerous screenwriting competitions - including the Nicholl Fellowship, where he had more scripts advance to quarter- and semi-finals in a single year than anyone in the history of the competition. Find more about him at his website,

Des Taylor
Des Taylor, is an English comic book and graphic novel creator from London, England. He is a rising star in the world of Pop Culture creating cover art for DC Bombshells, Dr Who, Archie comics, Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition, as well as his creator-owned comic books Scarlett Couture, The Vesha Valentine Story, The Trouble With Katie Rogers and his latest book- The Blue Lotus Adventures. His Motion Books are distributed by Madefire and his Fine Art is exhibited in Las Vegas, Paris, and Munich. Taylor is a fan favorite and appears regularly at conventions around the world.


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