Get ARCs at BookCon!

ARC’s A.K.A. Advanced Reader Copies/Advance Review Copies or sometimes referred to as Galleys are one of the most exciting things you can encounter at BookCon! All weekend exhibitors and publishers will be giving away free advanced editions of books in their last round of edits scheduled to come out over the next few months, just for you to get to read first. Here is a list of exhibitors who will be giving away books during BookCon so you can plan how to pick them up and bring them home.

Often times ARC drops schedules will change, or you may need a special code word to acquire the book from the publisher. Make sure to check out their websites below as well as their social media during the show to stay up to date!

Please note: ARCs and Galleys are not to be sold by any means. If an exhibitor or attendee is offering to sell you an ARC, please inform the nearest staff member.